9.00 – 09.30Registration
9.30 – 9.45Opening remarks
9.45 – 10.00Keynote speech
10.00 – 11.00Panel#1: Regional NPL market overview

The regional NPL market is clearly changing, paving the way for new opportunities, both in terms of types of assets and players getting involved in the various markets. As banks continue to focus on clearing their balance sheets, deal volumes have decreased. However regional NPL market players are still managing to find interesting business opportunities in new markets. Find out how banks plan to offload their remaining bad loans, how the investors see the market developing and which new areas of interest will the future bring. Is the region prepared for the impending recession and another NPL tsunami?

  • Regional overview and deal pipelines
  • Regulatory updates
  • Trends and new opportunities
  • Where do off-balance-sheet NPLs go?


11.00 – 11.30Networking break/coffee & tea
11.30 – 12.30Panel#2: Distressed assets investing & servicing

Although the SEE NPL market has undoubtedly changed, regional NPL ratios, are still above the recommended ECB level. Markets such as Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro are gaining momentum in terms of NPL portfolio sales. Serbia and Croatia are still seeing some major transactions taking place, while Slovenia has set up a good example on how to successfully deleverage distressed assets. Are the most promising deals in the SEE market today the state-held NPL portfolios and how can the true value of these portfolios be determined?  Are securitized distressed assets still the most attractive? This panel will look at what the typical NPL portfolio structure looks like today?

  • Are JVs between funds and services the wave of the future?
  • How are extracted real estate collaterals managed by servicers?
  • Using investigations and technologies to improve recovery rates


  • Dino Aganović, Head of Legal and Compliance, HETA
  • Dušan Tomić, Head of Advisory and Transactions, EY Serbia
  • Črt Slokan, Director of Distressed Assets, NKBM
  • Miloš Srejić, Director, CBS International Serbia / Cushman Wakefield
  • Joshua Silver, Head of Portfolio Acquisitions, APartners Capital
12.30 – 13.30Lunch
13:30 – 14:30Roundtable discussion: Focus on Serbia

Join us for a critical analysis of the outcome of the Serbian Deposit Insurance Agency NPL Portfolio acquisition. In light of the announced upcoming portfolios from the Ministry of Finance and the Serbian Development Fund, what lessons can be learned from the NPL experience of the Serbian Deposit Insurance Agency? Find out what you need to know to hedge your bets and maximize your profits.

Lessons learned from DIA. How to successfully pitch a state-issued NPL deal? Leveraging the right strategy to optimize your outcome.


14.30 – 15.30Panel#3: New buyers, new strategies, new types of assets?

The timing is ripe for opening up the retail NPL market in Serbia. Join our panelists for a discussion on what opportunities and challenges opening the retail NPL market will bring to Serbia. Hear about best practice standards from other regional markets such as Croatia and Slovenia and get deal flow intel so you can get a jump on your strategic moves.  Will the trade of other types of assets such as low performing loans, performing loans, leasing placements, non -operating assets, gain momentum?

  • Will retail NPLs finally be available in Serbia? Best practice from the region
  • With most of the NPLs in the hands of investors and servicers what can be expected in terms of their collection- is there an opportunity to develop a secondary market?
  • Are one-ticket deals profitable?


15.30End of the day