Panel #2 of SEE NPL Forum Vol.7 will explore how timely risk assessment is crucial

📣 Join us at the 2023 SEE #NPL Forum Vol.7!

🎯 Panel #2 – Unlock the Power of Collaboration Between #Banks#Investors, and #Servicers in Shaping the NPL Market, dives into the following key topics:

📊 #Risk Management: Gain insights into the timeliness of risk assessment in times of economic uncertainty, from a bank’s perspective
🤔 What does reacting promptly to early signs of potential NPL volume increase really mean? How early is early enough?
📈Explore lenders’ current loan approval criteria and how to assess risks effectively amid uncertainty.
🏦 Uncover the strategies banks employ to manage off-balance NPLs.

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🗓️ See you on November 17, 2023, at the Mona Plaza Hotel, Belgrade