Vol.2_SEE NPL Forum 2017

While legislators, banks and private sector participants see NPLs as a major problem preventing new investments and leading to economic stagnation, companies active in property management and debt servicing see a lucrative opportunity to invest and do business.

The second annual SEE NPL Forum gathered over 150 leading stakeholders and key regional market participants to exchange practical experiences and insights through a series of interactive panel discussions, confirming the importance of the topic, the investment potential of the NPL market and its significance for economic growth in the region.

Over the last several years the countries of the region have implemented various new strategies for resolving the NPL issue – some with more success than others. Whatever the approach, it is certain that the resolution of the NPL issue remains a high priority and it remains to see what will be next!

2017 Speakers

Jelena Jović

Marko Mićanović

Đorđe Širadović

Dr. Lukas Fecker

Krzysztof Grzesik

Alan Herjavec

Ivana Maraš

Vasilis Theofanopoulos

Steve McElwain

Nebojša Nešovanović

Uroš Jerovšek

Darko Stanisavić

Peter Kadish

Petar Orlić

Viktor Levkanič

Tom McAleese

Jovan Kordić

Peter Tabak

Tatjana Nešovanović

Jonathan Wheatley

Aleksandar Janjušević

Marko Jovanović

Ivan Petronijević

Vladimir Pavlović

Nikola Seneši

Joshua Silver

Vladimir Petrović

Dr. Imre Balogh

Marko Fabris

Martin Kammermeier