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Đorđe Širadović

Đorđe Širadović

Head of Department for Bankruptcy and Liquidation of Financial Institutions, Deposit Insurance Agency

Đorđe Širadović has over 30 years of professional experience. Mr. Širadović currently heads the Department for Bankruptcy and Liquidation of Financial Institutions at Deposit Insurance Agency.

Prior to joining the Deposit Insurance Agency Mr. Širadović held executive positions and acted as advisor to top management of various companies such as HIP Petrohemija, NIS, Autočačak, Keramika Kanjiža, Limprodukt etc. From 1994 to 1997 he acted as Federal Minister for Trade in Federal Government of FR Yugoslavia where he was in charge of the intergovernmental trading committee with China, Russia, Slovak Republic, and Romania and signed several legislations such as The Law on Foreign Trade, The Law on Foreign Investments, The Antimonopoly Act, The Law on Import Taxes.

He was engaged as an expert consultant to the Economics Institute. Mr. Širadović is an honorable member of Serbian Business Club PRIVREDNIK.