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Jelena Jović Milentijević

Managing Director, EOS Matrix Serbia & Montenegro


Jelena Jović Milentijević is Managing Director of the EOS Matrix Belgrade office since 2013.

Jelena successfully turned a company with 34 employees and an annual turnover of half a million euros into market leaders with over 80 employees and a turnover of over 20 million euros. At the moment when leadership of the company passed into Jelena’s hands, EOS Matrix was in the process of terminating its primary stream of business, the purchase of retail receivables. However, with the purchase of the first corporate NPL portfolio from a bank, Jelena changed the course of business and pioneered a change in business strategy not only in Serbia, but also at a group level. Today, EOS Matrix is partner number 1 for a majority of the banks and funds operating in Serbia.

Jelena is a President of Association of Serbian Debt Management Companiese/AKUPS.

Jelena is also a Human Synergestics consultant, specialised in measuring and improving organisational efficiency and culture, developing team dynamics and improving personal styles of behaviour.

Jelena began her career at Oracle after completing her studies at the University of Belgrade, Faculty for Organizational Sciences.