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Radan Uzelac

Head of Credit Insurance Department, Wiener Städtische Insurance

After completing his studies, in 2007 he went to London, Great Britain for further training at Liberty Mutual company, where he gained his first practical knowledge in the field of Insurance. Subsequently, he actively participated in stock market operations in Serbia and consulted on M&A projects. In 2013, he joined the greenfield project of AXA Non-life Insurance, Belgrade, specialzing in Corporate Insurance. By 2015, he became Head of Sales for corporate clients and, in 2017, he held the position of Member and President of the Executive Board of AXA Life Insurance.

Following the acquisition of AXA Insurance by Wiener Stadtische Insurance a.d.o Belgrade, he became the Head of Credit Insurance, a newly formed Non-life Insurance department. Under his leadership, Wiener Stadtische Insurance became a market leader in credit insurance.